Subject: We've Only Just Begun

Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 07:29:25 -0800

From: David Barto <>

We've only just begun

to grade loads 'o dirt and bales o' hay

a permit to grade and we're on our way

(we've only just begun)

before the rising sun

we dig so many loads to move

we start off saving and learn to spend

(and yes we've just begun)

learning some jargon that is new to us

talking it over just the two of us

watching the dollars slip away (together)

and when we the evening comes

we crash

so much to choose ahead

we'll build a house where there's room for fun

(and yes we've just begun)

sharing ideas that are old to us

watching the dozers upon the hill

arguing it over just the two of us

building together day to day

(together together)

and when the evening comes

we stress

so much to build ahead

we'll create a home where there's room to love

and yes we've just begun.

(Guess what happend today...?)



David Barto

From a Marketing type:

Don't give me any technical reason why something can't be done.

If you really believed in the product you'd make it work.

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