State of the House Address, 2000


Subject: State of the House Address, 2000

Jan 27, 2000

My fellow Americans. Today I am here to tell you about state of the house.

The state of the house is Good.

In the last year:

We have re-examined the easements and are moving them to a more appropriate location for others living on the hill, to avoid driving past their house.

We have found and hired the contractor for the house.

We have located and signed for funding of a loan to build the house.

My fellow Americans, we can surely say that the state of the house is good.

SDG&E will be on the lot today to examine the current and future locations of the electrical connections to the house, and the main water pump.

The Grading contractor was on the lot yesterday and informed us that we don't need to grade in a pad for the garden. This will have a cost savings which will be most useful when installing the landscaping.

The Landscaper has been out to the lot, and proposed the initial landscaping of the lot. This will include more than 600 1 gallon plants all of which are native to the southern california area. It includes a drip irrigation system for those plants.

The final easements are being drawn up today, and will be presented to everyone involved this week. We expect to have a 'signing party' to get all documents notarized at one time.

In the coming months, I expect to send out more simple 1 or 2 line updates to the people of america who care deeply about this project to enable them to watch the progress of the house.

I want to thank you for watching as these small steps to building a house have been made and hope to be able to have a party this year in Magrathea. I'll be watching and keeping the American Public informed.


David Barto


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