Update 12


Subject: Update 12

Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 11:10:01 -0800

From: David Barto <barto@shamu.visionpro.com>

1 door

2 door

glass door

wood door


Wood box

Masony to the sky

A place to hang the christmas socks

Kitchen cabinets all in place

each one with the proper face

But there still is no sink

Boy could I use a drink

Thanksgiving, Christmas, holidays thick

Gosh days are passing quick

Everyone working with a fury

We're not moving 'till next century

Make sure you mark your address book

we're not letting you off the hook

We are moving, we are told

to 14825 Midland road

The roof is on

The gutters are up

we've run out of money

we're passing the cup

If you want to come see

Just give us a ring

we love showing off

It makes our hearts sing.

(with apologies to Dr. Suess)


David Barto

From a Marketing type:

Don't give me any technical reason why something can't be done.

If you really believed in the product you'd make it work.

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