Chez Barto


Date: Sep 22 1997

Subject: Chez Barto


Well, you're wrong!

We are NOT building a house.

We ARE building a road. (You got to be able to get to the plot before you can build on it.)

Just after we installed Air Conditioning, and a new Dishwasher, Roger Mohling calls and says, "Lets get started." (I know if we hadn't put in the A/C and the new Dishwasher, he would not have called.)

The working title for the project is 'Chez Barto' which is just plain ugly. We have considered 'Manzanita Manor', and that was thrown out just as fast.

Interesting names for the House and Site are welcome.

The many 10's of thousands of dollars are being set aside for the Catapiller D-9 for grading, and for the Concrete topping. The funding has been set, and we agree about the total limit on cost for the road.

Donations accepted.

We are working with Roger (Mohling), and he wants the road in before the rainy season starts. This means we will have a road before the end of this year. All things being equal, (and dealing with the city of Poway, this means nothing is equal, the city hold all the cards), we will start construction in April or May of '98 with move in before the end of '98.

Roger has talked with the grading contractor about getting that started. He has been working with Wayne Stutzman, our engineer for these long 8 years, to get final grading plans finished, to be submitted to the City.

We started this in 1989, when we put the land into escrow. The land cleared escrow in May of 1990. The house plans were about 90% complete in September of 1991. The easements were cleared in 1992. And final agreements for road construction were completed then. It's been a matter of waiting since then.

We will keep you posted as progress is made.


Sorry Dan, this means that we have canceled our vacation plans east this fall.


David Barto

From a Marketing type:

Don't give me any technical reason why something can't be done.

If you really believed in the product you'd make it work.

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