Witch Fire


Witch Fire

The Witch fire burned over 200,000 acres of land, and destroyed over 1,100 homes and more than 300 businesses. This was as destructive as the Cedar fire.

The first collection is 2 photos: the unprocessed original and the photoshop adjusted finished photo. This is just to demonstrate the low quality of the originals because of the smoke in the air.

The second collection is related to the early fire and the smoke from Ramona.

The third collection is a small set to show off the new ‘Chopper 1’ fire helicopter purchased after the Cedar fire.

The fourth collection is a set of photos showing the fire moving across a hill and nearly destroying some houses. All the houses were saved. Note that the fire helicopter did a remarkable job of getting water out of Poway Lake and dropping it on the fire. The setup and drop can be seen in a pair of the photos in the fourth set.

This set of night photos shows what David was watching as he stayed up all night on Monday. These were apparently back fires set by the CDF to stop the fire from advancing any further into Poway.